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We don’t just build houses, we build relationships. With every custom home we create, the homeowner comes first. We aren’t just constructing a house—we’re engineering an atmosphere, creating a place that really feels like home. No detail goes unnoticed or unconsidered, from the way the light hits your windows at sunset, to the feeling you’ll get every morning as you walk downstairs to the kitchen.

Our focus is on an expert synthesis of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal—all with quality craftsmanship in custom homes that are built to last beyond your lifetime. Every step of the way, we’ll keep you closely involved with our process, ensuring that every tiny detail is exactly what you’d envisioned.

Because we work so closely with homeowners during our custom home building process, we’ve forged close relationships with every one of our customers over our 25 years of service.


Our homes are one of a kind.

At Madigan Custom Homes, we build just a few houses each year. We take on such a small volume so that we can give each one of our customers our full attention and involvement. We take great pride in our ability to make your vision and design ideas a reality, and we’ve yet to meet a homeowner with an idea that we couldn’t bring into being. Each home that we build is one of a kind, designed around each homeowner’s taste, design vision, and functional needs. Our craftsmanship and the quality of our construction is unmatched.

By limiting the number of projects we accept, we maintain our dedication to excellence, working closely with each homeowner. Because of our reputation for superior home construction, we’ve had the honor of constructing some of the most prestigious homes in the growing Texas Hill Country region.

Like you, we call Austin and the Texas Hill Country home.

Taking care of our environment is a big priority for us—after all, the Texas Hill Country is our home, too. We leverage the latest materials and technologies to help make the homes we build as eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable as possible. All of our custom homes meet or exceed Energy Star standards, bringing energy savings for our customers while doing our part to help reduce emissions. Our emphasis on sustainable construction means that your home works smarter for you. Year after year, you’ll save money on utility and maintenance bills, a benefit that you’ll enjoy throughout the lifetime of the home. 

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